Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Last Wednesday (Sept. 14th) Matt flew out of Seattle to Michigan for work and Sam and I stayed in Seattle to explore! It was great fun as we had 3 days to run around the city. We went to the Woodland Zoo, the Public Market (we watched the guys throw the fish!), up the Space Needle and had excellent sushi (Sam had the veggie roll, but LOVED IT). We also explored IKEA and Trader Joe's Natural Food store! I really should write an entire separate entry about IKEA; what an amazing place!

On Saturday the 17th, we flew out of Seattle for Maine, where we are now. I had forgotten how amazing it is here. The weather has been nice and we've been exploring. We took a tour of Pantheon Guitars, the makers of Beaujois Guitars. Matt really loved that. It was quite interesting and we even managed to keep Sam entertained (it helped when I finally got him settled in the sling and then slipped behind the packing counter and nursed him!).

We spent today in Camden walking around and had lunch at Cappy's Restaurant, a true Maine find and a great place to have some clam chowdah! Matt and I will sneak off to a movie tonight, leaving the grandparents to babysit!

A hike tomorrow and the Common Ground Fair (a fair to celebrate local and organic farming) on Friday...can't wait for that! Back to WA on Saturday...a quick trip.

It is hard to return home after you have left. I love being here and miss it and feel old and young and sad and happy...does that ever change? I wonder how Matt sees this place...I wish I could see it through his eyes for a day...or Sam's eyes.

Returning to Wenatchee will be hard and easy. I am looking forward to being in our new house with nowhere to be for a while...but I will miss the great companionship of my parents and the amazing Maine coast, the fog in the evening, the misty wet fields, the wildflowers and salty air. A part of me still belongs here.

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