Friday, October 31, 2008


We are rebuilding! (And I found the cable to upload images from my camera to the computer, so now I can share...)

The first image was taken this summer and is a reference point for what the roof line looked like before the fire. There is a gable in the center of the roof that was a part of the original structure of the house. I never really looked closely at the roof line before all this, but now when I see it I think it looks funny. The contractor asked us if we wanted to replace it; there is no structural purpose and is an energy sink. We decided to save some money and energy we wouldn't have then rebuild it.
This picture was taken about a week ago after they had removed the shingles (that we just had replaced in June!) and all the sheeting and are in the process of replacing the trusses. Most of the trusses were damaged by the fire or the construction was not up to the current building codes.
And here is the roof with the shingles replaced and the gable removed! I really like the new roof line. It is very clean and simple. It was amazing to see how fast they removed and replaced the roof...all in about 4 days!Once they finished the north roof they had to deal with another building code issue in the south part of the house. Apparently the three dormers were not supported properly and three HUGE beams had to be craned into the side of the house.
You can see they had to cut a hole in the side of the house to fit the beams in! I haven't been up there to see them installed, but I am hoping next week to get inside and see the progress there. They have been soda blasting the rafters and framing to clean the smoke and soot. Click the soda blast link to see a Youtube video of the process...very cool!

And last, but certainly not least, this photo was taken yesterday morning after they had removed the south roof shingles and were preparing to replace sheeting and put on new shingles. Smoke damage was significant in the south side and thus the replacement will be faster than on the north side, but still time consuming.
I will keep updating as I have more to share. Next week the smoke removal team will be inside all week hand cleaning every inch of the house to remove the smoke and then shortly after that they will start rebuilding the insides! Matt and I have a lot of decisions to make in the next couple weeks!

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