Sunday, May 23, 2010

Busy as Bees

Spring has sprung here at the homestead and we are quickly seeing summer peek its head out too! We have been so busy running around digging in the dirt and collecting eggs, tending our bees (yes, we have bees now...2 colonies!), mowing grasses.....the outdoor season is well underway.Finding the time to keep up with everything is such a challenge, so tonight I tried a new tactic....mowing the lawns after the boys were asleep with the mower head lights on! It was fun mowing in the dark! The boys could hear the mower through their open windows though and Sam wasn't asleep until 10 pm when I laid with him for a bit...erg. Maybe mowing at night isn't such a good idea....At any rate, we have a garden planted (mostly planted anyway) and we are sharing our large garden space with the son of an organic apple grower that Matt works with. He is an MSU student named Zach, and so far it has been a great arrangement!

We welcomed our newest "livestock" to the farm a few weeks ago...the bees. We have some dear friends that have been tending bees for years and Matt has been dying to learn. David has been a wealth of knowledge and I am enjoying learning from behind the camera!
Matt has been doing all of the "keeping" and my help will come into play when we harvest the honey in the fall. The boys are very excited about the bees and Sam keeps asking for a "small bee suit" so he can help, despite his experience with bees in the past.

Ten years ago Matt and I would sit and talk about our eventual place, our farm....bees were always on the list of "animals" we wanted to have. I am really enjoying being where we are right now...the place we've been trying to get for so long!
More to come soon with stories of Sam's 6th Birthday, Otis walking everywhere and Arlo's impending surgery!
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