Saturday, May 19, 2012

At Home

 Upon our return from travels in late January, we were tired. So very tired. We hunkered down inside our cozy, warm home and did very little. Celebrated a few birthdays quietly, a little creativity happened, some farm planning; but otherwise we enjoyed the stillness of winter...
at home.

The seasons are changing once again and as the trees awaken with dustings of color, so has our family. We've been digging in the dirt and planting seeds, caring for sweet new life here on our farm (which really is a small farm now, with a name and a tractor and everything!) and selling a few dozen eggs here and there. It feels so good.

It also feels very hard. We have commitments that are tiring sometimes and long days are back again. This pace will continue until the harvest is done and all the canned goods have been shelved in the cellar. I am so tired already and June hasn't even arrived.

The garden is going in slowly. We work on it when we can and quite consistently when weather and schedules allow. Most evenings after dinner we are in the garden, though Matt more than me lately, as I have been recovering from a more intense bought of laryngitis.

The end of the year school activities have begun with field trips, music concerts, field days, volunteer teas, fundraising auctions and carnivals! Along with continued volunteer work and photo shoots!

Yikes. We are crazy.
So, you'll forgive me if this post turned into a rant about our over-extended lives.

I have a good excuse.
 I am crazy.
I captured a rainbow on an afternoon drive to pick up the boys at school, March 2012.


 As of yesterday at 5:56 p.m. central time, we have an 8 year old living in our house.
He's an almost 3rd grader who reads all the time. Loves fantasy and adventure of all types and really loves science, but always says he loves art "just as much"...which makes this artistic mother feel good.

These photos were taken in March and he's had his hair cut very short since then.

After a long absence from writing...I think I am back for a bit.

There will be more words to accompany more photographs very soon...we're almost there.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pocket Photos: December Travels: Puerto Rico

Back when I was in college I used to carry around and photograph with a Holga camera. It used 120mm film with 2 1/4" square frames...a hip, novelty, plastic camera with light leaking from random places. It was an art movement and I loved it. Digital photography (which I initially resisted) is returning to me that which I had lost in the shuffle of parenting. Using an application on my phone, I am having a Holga experience once again . 

I call them pocket photos.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Business at Its Best

Photography has been a passion of mine for almost 20 years. Unbelievable. I feel so amazingly lucky to be able to take photographs that people love and that I love! It brings me such joy to create a really stunning photograph. 
In early December I had the greatest honor of photographing the wedding of an old and dear friend in Santa Cruz, California. I photographed the wedding as a gift and she provided my transport and at its best.
It was a wonderful, sincere, beautiful and moving experience.

Hopes for the New Year

I have never been one to make new year's resolutions simply because they seem so definite. If the goal is not achieved, there is failure. Failure is scary to me!
This year I have found myself thinking about some hopes for the upcoming year, as I reflect on last year. A hope seems so much more positive than a resolution. Less definite with more room for evolution.

My hopes for 2012

:: I hope that we can be a bit more organized with our farm plans. The progress is there. It is the process that needs work ::
:: I hope to find more balance between being involved with the children and involving the children. Our boys learn so much when we involve them in what we do and we enjoy the time with them ::

:: I hope to make more time to make art ::

:: I hope to enjoy gardening more this year than last year ::

:: I hope to continue to strengthen and nourish my body, mind and spirit. This year was a great year for healing ::

Happy New Year!

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