Monday, September 12, 2011

Arlo's Big Day and My Baby Isn't a Baby Anymore!

Today was Arlo's first day of Montessori PPK (Pre-Primary/ Kindergarten). I am not quite sure how we made it to this day, because the last few weeks have been filled with so much anxiety manifested in multiple potty accidents everyday, tantrums and general foul behavior...stemming from a nasty bullying experience he had last fall at the part-time pre-school he was attending...but, I am so thankful we did! We talked about the new school, we met the new teacher, we read books, we met kids on the playground, we talked some more, we watched "new school" videos...and I knew it was going to take just going to make everything okay. We picked out a special outfit for today, he slept with his "S" scarf, appropriately named Sam and, this afternoon with his sweaty hand tightly clenched around mine, we went head-first into the winds of life together.

Arlo was beaming when I picked him up after school. He told me all about everything and from that moment on I had my sweet little Arlo back. No accidents, no tantrums, no anxiety. Just a happy 4 and 3/4 year old boy. Mama will sleep soundly tonight.

All three boys had hair cuts on Saturday...and it was Otis' first! He is 2 1/2 and was begging me in the salon to get his hair cut. I was a bit reluctant...he still had his birth hair after all...but he also had three dread locks that I couldn't get to go away and yesterday's breakfast dried in his hair. He gave me some of these looks and I agreed that perhaps it was time to have a hair cut. I still don't recognize him when I catch a glimpse of him running from one place to the next...but damn, is he cute!
I love this child so much.
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