Friday, August 1, 2008

Sam, the Bee, and the ER

On Wednesday my dear friend G invited us over to hang out in her air-conditioned house, cook for us and let me be the pregnant slug I am in comfort! It was so nice! Sam and her son played really well together and she and I actually had lots of time to talk and visit and catch up.

The boys went outside to play at one point, but were only out for about 5 minutes when they both came screaming and running into the house. They'd both been stung by paper wasps, D, 3 times under his neck and Sam once in between his middle and ring finger on his right hand. We immediately made a baking soda paste and gave them ice packs and within a few minutes the crying has slowed and after a piece of chocolate cake they were fine and running around again.

Within an hour Sam's hand had begun to swell and quickly grew to at least double the size of his left hand. We had him soak it in ice water, but he just wanted to play. Other than the swelling he seemed just fine.

That night he declined ice cream for dessert and Matt and I thought that was awfully strange.

Yesterday morning he woke and complained of his hand hurting and his stomach being yucky. He was acting very lethargic and by 2:30 p.m. he had a fever of 102.5, had vomited once and been dry heaving and his hand had continued to grow. We'd tried topical benedryl and given him some Zyrtec earlier in the morning. Nothing was helping and that was when I called our family doc. She advised us to go to the ER immediately.

Arlo was sleeping so I woke him and we all piled into the car and headed to the ER. Matt met us there within 10 minutes.

The ER doc gave Sam some Zofran for his nausea and within a couple hours he was drinking water and eating Jello.  They determined that Sam had been having a delayed allergic reaction to the bee sting.
They gave him some Motrin for the fever and Prednisone for the swelling and we were headed back home by 7 p.m.

Now, Sam has to have an Epi-pen with him at all times. The doc said he has a 1-7 chance of having an anaphylactic reaction to his next bee sting...much to much of a chance if you ask me!
He's on Prednisone for 5 days and Benedryl for 3, but today he is mostly back to normal...normal enough that he had a blast at the splash park this morning!!

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Tara said...

Oh, scary! Lily just got her first sting(s) also, twice by wasps at a friend's house. Luckily she wasn't affected too badly, just a big knot under one of them that is slowly going away.

Hope this is Sam's last run-in with them!

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