Saturday, March 25, 2006

Faint, But There

It is faint, but it is there! Yes, I am pregnant again and so excited! We have been trying, but really only had to try one month and I was pretty sure about this one from the start!

About 6 days after I ovulated I had a little spotting and wondered if it was implantation spotting, but didn't want to be too hopeful or over-analytical...but you all know me, I can't help it! I kept looking for the signs and sure enough a few days later I started getting hungry every few hours. I was pretty sure at that point, but still wondering. Then, last Sunday I woke up feeling sick and at that point I was almost positive, but still no test to prove my instincts. Then the next morning I woke with the same sickness....that afternoon I checked my chart to see when my period was due and sure enough, I was close enough to take a test. And there you have it! Now, I am 3 days overdue for my period and feel that this is a sure thing.

I am about 4 1/2 weeks along, still very early. The baby is due to arrive around November 29, but most likely in December. So far I have no sickness as long as I keep eating every few hours and sometimes more frequent than that. I am very tired, however, and find that I need a nap to make it through the day.

We are looking into having a possible home birth, though Matt really wants to explore all of our options, even the hospital, which doesn't excite me. However, money is an issue and the responsible thing to do is what he is suggesting. I have already contacted the midwife and we have a meeting with her next week. I will also call the hospital on Monday and look into the expenses there. Our insurance covers us at 90% in the hospital and only 60% with the midwife...go figure!

Still either way, I am thrilled to be pregnant and so is Matt! Sam seems to know that something is up. He is asking to nurse all the time now which is posing a heated internal battle as to whether or not I should keep nursing or wean completely. I can't decide.

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