Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Forgot about Nap time

After all these weeks of feeling so cruddy and tired and needing to nap when Sam does....I have forgotten how nice it is to put him to sleep and then have a couple hours to myself! This morning has been crazy with Sam having tantrums and Jaadyn whining a lot....we had playgroup at the park which was nice, but chaotic. After I left Sam's room with him sound asleep I stepped into the kitchen and felt such a sense of relaxation and relief and it all came back to me! Ahhhhh, naptime is really nice!

So after catching up here and sending a few emails I am going to finish cleaning up my sewing area and finally have my space to create returned to me! Now that I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER, I can actually use the space too! YEAH!!!

The second trimester of pregnancy ROCKS!

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