Monday, October 16, 2006


We left Wenatchee on Saturday afternoon, spent Sat. night in Redmond, OR, tried to see Crater Lake on Sunday morning, but couldn't because of fog, cleaned up Sam's puke after a bit of carsickness...and eventually rolled into Davis yesterday evening around 7 p.m. It feels very good to be here as an entire family. Matt is with us and with NO work to do, we are enjoying each others' company. A nice stroll to the park with Jake, the elderly family dog, a great mexican lunch, Sam napping....we are having a nice day.

No real plans to speak of other than a day trip to San Francisco and I will meet up with the Davis Farmer's Market manager at some point to talk about market things....just a nice slow visit. Perhaps a trip to the Sacramento Zoo will be worked in...we'll see!

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