Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monday and Tuesday on Crawford Street

With Sam's big birthday party tomorrow, my sister flying in on Thursday and a BBQ on Saturday...this week is very busy. So yesterday and today have been filled with yard work and running errands.

Yesterday I:

  • swept the deck, cleaned out some old planter boxes and washed all of the outdoor toys.

  • mowed the lawns, vacuumed the house, made lunch for the boys, and talked to my mom and dear friend Tara ( all while watching two toddlers).

  • mopped the kitchen and dining room floors, weed whacked the yards, showered and made phone calls about our BBQ on Saturday.

  • had an appointment with our midwife (we heard the heartbeat, in the 150's, I cried).

Today I:

  • had a slow morning with the boys drank some coffee and did a little yoga.

  • ran to Wal-Mart for some sandbox toys, a kiddy pool, and big rubber ball.

  • picked up Sam's birthday cake (this task was especially taxing because I had both Jaadyn and Sam in the backseat, the kiddy pool wedged in the hatchback, but not well enough because it kept falling on the boys, causing Jaadyn to scream, then Sam would laugh, then Jaadyn would scream, etc. Traffic was crazy and I finally made it to the bakery. the cake wasn't quite ready, so we waited which was hard for the boys....then I had this HUGE beautifully decorated cake on my passenger seat, trying not to drive too erratically in the 90 degree heat....anyway the boys fell asleep on the way my surprise and delight...the house is rather quiet now.)
Still left to do:
  • wrap a few last minute gifts.

  • get party favors together.

  • plan dinner for tonight.

  • fold some laundry.

  • relax with a cold beer and a J....oh, wait, can't do that for quite a while. I guess this should be under my "wish I could do"list!

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