Friday, June 22, 2007

3 Years and 6 Months

On Tuesday I took Sam and Arlo to the DR for their 3 yr. and 6 mos. well-child exams at the same time. It was much easier having them together, though I was sure it wasn't going to be! Both healthy boys, here are their stats:

Sam, weighing in at 37 .5 lbs. and reaching heights of 40"!! He had a hearing test and eye exam and they tested his reflexes, which he loved!

Arlo weighed 19 lbs. 12 oz. and is 26 3/4" tall! A BIG boy. He had the usual physical exam and then had two shots. He did have a reaction to the shots that night with some real fussiness and no sleeping. He hasn't been much of a sleeper at all lately. He is on the verge of crawling and on the verge of cutting BOTH his upper front teeth...the right tooth came through this afternoon!

Still very busy getting this house ready to sell and it is moving along quite nicely. We have hired our neighbor's daughter, Taylor, to be my "mommy's helper" and take care of Arlo at the house while Sam is at school. I have been amazed at how much I am getting done with uninterrupted time. I am also really trying to be present in the moments I am alone, even if I am organizing clutter and scrubbing walls. A little good music and a pot of coffee can go a long way!

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