Friday, July 6, 2007

A Summer Evening...Our Independence Day

My dear friend Sherri invited us to spend the day with her family and some friends at a house on Lake Chelan. It was a magical day.

We slept in as late as possible...ummm, 5:30 a.m. and then after we'd all been fed, dressed, napped and prepared, we drove the hour north to the lake.

On the left is Sophia with a berry face and in the photo to the right of her is Sophia on the table, Saquoia standing and Trish, Sam's preschool teacher, is waving her arms as she sang "American Pie".

Sherri is holding Arlo on the right. It was so wonderful to have another great memory made with Sherri. She really has become one of my most cherished friends here. Norbert, her husband, is on the left. I also really enjoy his company and his German perspective...a very interesting man. They have two red headed sons that provide me with a peek into my future, being 15 and 12. Such great boys!

Sam played as hard as he could all day long. In the water and out, on the boat, with sand and sticks. There was no shortage of kids to play with of all ages. A boy's paradise!

Great food, friends, Independence Day to remember.

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