Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update: Re: Big Changes WARNING: poop talk

Yeah, well the one poop on the potty was very exciting and then reality sank in that, yes, sure enough, you do poop on the potty everytime you poop. Thus, we've had every poop since in the underwear. Ugh. It is so very frustrating and Sam does know where to go...thus we've resorted to taking things (T.V.) away until he poops on the potty. So far, no success. But I think as he goes longer without his beloved T.V. the ultimate goal will sink in....

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Karen said...

How frustrating that he knows and yet for some reason isn't okay with consistent toilet use! Our girl has asked and pooped in the toilet and I was so excited that we were "THERE" and then she immediately lost interest and developed a fear of not only falling into the toilet but going down the tub drain! We now have a song we sing every day about not falling down the drain and not going down the toilet! WOW. What a journey it all is! I'm proud of you all for your efforts, progress, and tenacity!

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