Monday, December 31, 2007

Knitting Update and Christmas Loot

My latest knitting project is finally moving along...a pair of socks for my dear brother-in-law, Andy. I love choosing colors for a project while thinking of the person the project is intended for. The great brown and green combination really made me think of Andy's down-to-earth nature. Over the years he and I have become good friends and I really enjoy his company. I am happy to be knitting these for him. This is also my first attempt at a very basic fair isle pattern, of sorts...knitting with two colors at the same time. I am finally knitting the heel flap and socks seem to move along much faster after the turning of the heel. I also recently knit and felted a purse for my sister for Christmas. It was a great quick project and turned out fantastic. I'll have photos later, as I forgot to take some and she's supposed to do it for me soon, I hope! She loved the colors, which I picked out a few years ago and never got around to using. They suit her quite well and I am inspired to make another bag like it as it was SO easy.

On to my loot...mostly knitting loot! I must be thought of as a knitter, finally! This is the first year I have received multiple knitting gifts from multiple people! Matt gifted me a great basic pattern book a few years ago, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, which I have used many times and love. Since then I have nto received any knitting gifts, so this year was special for me! My dear sister-in-law gave me two beautiful skeins of wool yarn by Manos del Uruguay, a great company devoted to helping artisan woman of Uruguay. This is first time I have been gifted yarn! It is such a fantastic gift to receive! Thank
you Presh!
Andy and my sister gifted me two fabulous knitting books, Super Stitches Knitting, and Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Super Stitches is a glossary of 300 stitches and cables! It is superb and fun to look at with great photographs. A creative knitters must have! Last Minute Gifts has great quick knitting patterns organized by how long it takes to knit the project. The length of time ranges from 2 hours to a weekend or a bit longer. I want to make every project and the photographs are fantastic!! I can't wait to get started on some new projects...maybe even a few gifts for my loved ones!
And last, but not least, my dad gifted me a pair of LL Bean Wellies...with moose on them! I asked for a pair of Wellington boots to help me with my yard work at the new house (or "farm" as Sam likes to call it) and he, with help from my sister, picked out these fantastic boots! I love them. Very comfortable and a bit funky...just my style! My mother-in-law also gave me some Sheepskin boots I love, a Sex and the City season from my sister...I was very blessed this holiday season. Thank you to all!


Anonymous said...

Nice yarn stuff... that reminded me that I totally forgot to send you that your wool sock yarn. I'll go put that in the mail. We got your package today (James has it at work, so I haven't actually got it yet, so I don't know what you sent). Anyway, more blue sock yarn is on it's way to you - I promise.


Tara said...

Cool Christmas gifts! :) I glanced through Last Minute Knitted Gifts over at a friend's house and thought it was looked awesome. Have fun knitting!

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