Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Well, I have a lot to write to about and I am not sure how to begin all that has come about since we moved into our new house...I'll give the short version now, with links, and the longer version later...

  • We did move in! YEAH! I love the house! It looks amazing and slowly we are unpacking room by room. So far the boys have a play room, the living room, kitchen and bedroom are mostly done. They are at an enjoyable later...
  • My Dad is still here and will leave on Friday, but he's been an invaluable help! Thanks Dad!
  • In a recent visit to my pulmonologist a growth was discovered in my lower right lung, which since has been diagnosed as a Bronchopulmonary Sequestration.
  • I will be having a Thoracotomy sometime in the next month or so.
  • I am handling all the news ok.
  • I will be weaning Arlo before the surgery.
  • Sam had lots of questions as he heard snippets of conversations and after I talked to him about my "owie", he seems to be doing quite well.
If you are reading this and are shocked or surprised and didn't already know, I am sorry I haven't had time to call everyone with the move and all. It has all happened so fast.
Please feel free to call and talk and ask questions if you have any and forgive me for posting this as news en mass and not being more personal about it.


jane said...

XOXOXO....big love coming your way sister!!!

Queen of Scatterville said...

Oh honey.... I'm sorry. It sounds scary and all very frightening, especially weaning on a deadline! Huge hugs to you. I'll be thinking about yout.

Anonymous said...

Oh no Mandelbaum, I'm so sorry to hear that and it certainly explains the crying and emotional roller coaster. Makes the weaning harder because it isn't totally on your own internal timeline, but Arlo will love you his whole life with his whole heart, whether or not he gets a few months more of less. Makes the snuggling all the sweeter as they get older, when you feel you missed a little something when they were young. And yes, that means Max and Ricki still snuggle and it is sweeter than anything else. So get healthy as soon as you can, because there's just too many cool things to do with little boys out in the country in the springtime...and I'm mostly thinking about mud. :)
Luv you,

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