Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Five Years Later

Sam turned five on May 18th. He instantly became a big kid. Where did my first baby go?
Today is his last day of preschool...and as I write this, I sit here with Otis in my arms. What a great cycle. Sam has become such a wonderful boy to be around; so filled with curiosity and creativity.
We recently moved the painting easel into the kitchen area so I can "keep an eye" on Arlo when he is creating. Sam has rediscovered painting at home and his drawings are beginning to take on recognizable scenarios. He's drawn some great family portraits!
Sam is an excellent big brother and is a real help with Arlo. He can perform many tasks on his own now and is not afraid to things without asking for help (which can pose problems, but often does not). Sam's new "best friend" is a little girl name Adrienne from his school. She happens to live very close to us and her Mom and I have become friends. Erin also has a son Arlo's age and another new son just 6 weeks younger than Otis.
Having Otis has helped me to really appreciate Sam's "maturity". I don't find myself missing him as a baby at all and instead find myself loving where we are at so much more!

Tomorrow begins our summer as a family and I have been plotting my survival at home with three boys! Lots of outdoor activities, slow mornings here at the homestead or out and about. I'd like to revive our weekly city bus rides to the library. We plan to meet some friends at the local splash park somewhat regularly, as well.
We're traveling to Puerto Rico for 10 days in June and Matt's mom and dad have rented a house on Lake Michigan for a week in July. They will take Sam and Arlo with them for the week and Matt and I plan to join them for a day or two as well. We'll have our (now) annual 4th of July party and my sister may come visit in August (yeah!). I'd love to take Megan to Saugatuck Dunes State Park and the beach for a day.
This summer will fly by as fast as the last 5 summers and I plan on trying to take things slow. The kids require some level of momentum, but I want them to have as fond memories of thier childhood summers as I do of mine.
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Gizella said...

i just love reading about your family. I wish were were coming out for the fourth...maybe next year.

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