Friday, July 24, 2009


I am so very overdue for a post. I know. We've been living our lives so sweetly as summer has come upon us. Parties, visits from family, lazy days at home, chaotic days at home....the days just keep passing.

The kids are fantastic. All growing so fast. I will post some summer photos soon, but have been cleaning up my photographic archives and am not quite organized enough to find things I want.

I have been thinking a lot about herb gardens and growing herbs and gardening. It is a good feeling. I read a lot and talk herbs with friends.

Matt is getting busier with work as the Fall semester draws near. He'll be teaching in the beginning of September and he always has a lot of preparation to do. We're starting to think about Sam returning to school too...with only a little more than a month left to our summer break.

The weather is finally warming up and I think we might actually get some real summer activities in during the month of August. We'll actually be at home the whole with only visits from my sister, dad and grandma int he middle of the month. I am excited to see them.

Matt's mom and dad and Aunt Annie just came for a visit and it was wonderful...simply wonderful.

We are gearing up for a small road trip next week. We'll first drive to Maryland to see Matt's Aunt Meg and Uncle John. We'll also see Matt's cousin and her kids there. Matt will be in D.C. for a day meeting with some federal USDA folks. Then we'll drive south to Virginia to visit my Aunt Pat, Uncle Bill, cousins and their children. We'll make the 11 hour drive back to Michigan on August 4th and that will end our summer travels...whew!

Laundry to hang, dishes to put away and some cookies to bake...nap time is so nice.

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