Wednesday, August 26, 2009


A month or so ago I decided to make a list of all the reasons I know I am ready to be done having children. As the list grew it became a long list of negativity. I decided not to finish it and not to post what I wrote...
...instead here is a list of what I love about having my three boys in all of their stages...

I love it that/when...

...Sam still would rather be naked all day than wear clothes.
...Sam wants to cuddle every morning in bed.
...Arlo knows what a Zeppelin is.
...Arlo puts on his cape first thing in the morning and assumes "Super Arlo" duties all day.
...Otis plays with my hair while he nurses.
...I can fit all three boys on my lap when I read books.
...I can communicate with Otis pretty well even after only 6 months.
...I do have time for all three of them, one-on-one, at some point during the day.
...Sam wants to have serious "talks" with me when I tuck him in.
...Sam has freckles.
...Arlo has amazing blue eyes.
...Otis has chubby legs and two dimples.
...I can lay Otis down in his crib once he's fallen asleep and he'll stay AND I can sometimes lay him down while he is still awake and he'll put himself to sleep!
...Otis will still nurse to sleep sometimes.
...Arlo really wishes he could use a bottle still and some days wants to be the baby again.
...I love the way each of my boys smells.
...Sam is a great big brother.
...Arlo is a great big brother.
...Otis LOVES his two big brothers.

...I am really okay with being done having children. Now is the time to settle in and enjoy each of them as they grow. No more big changes for a while. We need to be slow down.


Kristen said...

I know what you mean... I re-read my blog when the babies turned a year old and it was nothing but a negative rant. I never thought I disliked being a mom, but it was there, my own words.
I deleted everything and am trying so hard to come to terms with my life but still trying to hard to reclaim myself in some way.
This post from a well-known [former] AP mamablogger resonated with me in a big way. I never heard of Mango Mama.
Read the "What Happened?" post too.
I think she went too far in one drastic direction that she had to do something even more drastic to reclaim herself. Not so much in my case but I really felt for her.

jane said...

beautiful post mama, I have a wonderful image in my head of your lap full of boys! Love to you and yours!

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