Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sick Muffins

This afternoon while trying to get Arlo to take a nap with me in our bed, I had this conversation with him:

ARLO: "Why do we need naps, mama?"

ME: "Well, we've both been sick and our bodies need rest to heal."

ARLO: "Hmm. Why do you keep getting sick?"

ME: " I don't know. We have doctors trying to help us figure that out."

Quiet for a moment.

ARLO: "I think I know why you got sick. Do you want to hear why I think you got sick?"

ME: "Yes, I'd love to hear what you think."

ARLO: "You ate a sick muffin because you like muffins and the sick muffin made you sick."

ME: "Mmm, I do like muffins."

ARLO: "The sick fairy left you the muffin and you ate it."

ME: "I don't like the sick fairy very much."

ARLO: "I don't like the sick fairy very much either."

ME: "Well, if you see another sick muffin sitting around our house waiting to be eaten, please point it out to me so I won't eat it."

ARLO: "Actually, I just made all of that up. It is a story...all make-believe."

The crud has hit our house once again. Despite the number of times we've all been sick this winter, I know it is not just our family. I hear about illness creeping into everyone's home, especially a most recent influenza that is wreaking havoc on all ages. I had a flu shot last week for the first time in eight years and I feel good about it.

Our first ick of 2011 was a round of bronchitis for me, then a puking flu that hit everyone in our house (plus a few unlucky outsiders that were visiting or caring for a sick one).

After about 10 days of that Arlo had a terrible allergic reaction that included snot coming out of his eyes (yeah, I didn't know that could happen either) which evolved to a nasty chest cold putting him on breathing treatments 3 times a day.

Otis caught it as well, though hasn't been as sick as Arlo was.

I managed to catch that cold and now have bronchitis again.
A few weeks ago I visited with an infectious disease specialist, as suggested by my thoracic surgeon at the Univ. of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor. This new doctor seemed to have some intuitive ideas and referred me to a lung specialist. I'll have some more tests done during an all-day visit to the hospital in early March. At this point adrenal malfunction has been ruled out, which is very good, and my immune system seems to be functioning within a normal realm, despite the reoccurring lung infections.
We're getting closer and I am keeping my spirits pretty high, most of the time. Occasionally, (when I get sick, especially) I start to feel sorry for myself worry about ending up in bed for months again or dying young. Matt has been a great calming source of comfort and support.

I've been meaning to share these photos from my 8 weeks in bed last fall.

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