Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Chelan County Fair

On Saturday we took Sam and met some friends at the Chelan County Fair. It was great country fun! As soon as we walked onto the fair grounds the familiar smells of funnel cake grease and cow poo came wafting our way rushing back memories of adolescence. I remember getting all dressed up in new school clothes to meet my girlfriends at the fair hoping to see my latest crush, eat lots of fried food and go on the GRAVITRON or the like. Sam had a great time petting the goats and sheep and pigs and cows. He even did his best to make rooster sounds over and over again. We ate lots of greasy food, listened to a bluegrass band from Oregon, and rode on the merry-go-round. Sam was, at first, scared then very excited and then sad it was over. Quite a myriad of emotions for a 5 minute time span...as per usual in the life of a toddler. We stopped at all the little goody stands and played with the cheesy toys and found a great little Guatemalan stand with knit finger puppets. Sam was quite fond of the giraffe and we bought it for him. All in all we had one pooped out little tropper who crashed on the way home with powdered sugar still dusting his cheeks.

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