Thursday, September 8, 2005

Ordinary Day

I unpacked some more boxes yesterday morning in preparation for a friend coming to visit from Seattle. The guest room is pretty much ready now. In the process of unpacking I found Sam's baby book and album and realized how far behind I am! So this morning after getting Sam to sleep I tried to catch up. One of the pages in his baby book asked me to describe an ordinary day for us. It was so hard! What is ordinary? Common? Lately we've had a crazy routine and Sam has been napping in the morning instead of the afternoon; all of our errands and fun stuff happen after lunch instead of before; we rarely play with other babes; the t.v. is on more than I'd like (I think I've seen "SHREK" 6 times in the last 3 days!) this normal? I remember life in Kansas seemed so much more routine and ordinary than life here. Perhaps we are still in the wake of moving. I hope the water calms soon. I have decided to begin the weaning process once we return from our trip to Maine on the 24th. For a while now I have been unhappy with nursing and Sam isn't really "nursing" anymore. He is playing or nuzzling or he sucks for 10 seconds then runs away. I know this is common "toddler nursing", but it is driving me crazy! I don't think I am cut out for nursing a toddler. I had originally wanted to allow him to wean himself, but I am becoming miserable and I never look forward to nursing; it is a chore and it is happening more frequently. I know with the move and all the changes Sam needs the comfort, and I feel that I have respected that. It will be a slow and gentle wean, but a definite one.

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