Saturday, January 7, 2006

Dream #2

I had another dream about Tim last night. This time he was living in a small house in my backyard and I would take meals to him and talk with him. Matt knew about him living there and didn't seem to be bothered by it. How strange!

This morning I went skiing all by myself while Matt stayed with Sam for 3 hours. I listened to music as I ran the slopes and had a very nice time. As I was leaving there were to people getting ready to head up to the hill, bent over fastening ski boots. My heart skipped a beat as I thought the man in the couple was Tim! Of course, it wasn't, but for a few moments I sure thought it was. I have had "Tim sightings" over the years and one in particular where I still it could have been him. I never approached him though and I guess I may never find out where he is or what he is doing. It makes me a little sad. I think he is the only person from my past that I care to know about and don't.

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