Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Blog Title

After reading a few of my friends blogs and looking at blogs online I realized that the header and title of my blog really didn't fit me or my family. So after lots of thinking and deliberating...I have come up with "AT HOME". I think that these two words really describe me right now. I am going to leave the URL the same so people can still find me...but I am at home.

I read a great article while working out today in the Jan.2004 issue of "O" magazine. It was written by a woman who was a travelling author and then had a baby with her husband. It was well written and I can't find the article online...I will keep looking and post it when I find it. I read another article about a women who lost 175 pounds and it was really great too. I had underestimated that magazine. Not that I am getting a subscription or anything...but I will be more likely to pick it up at the gym!

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