Saturday, May 13, 2006


I couldn't let this score pass by without bragging....just a little! For all you Birkenstock lovers out there....I scored these birks, the exact birks I have been wanting, in my size (almost to a "T"), in the exact color I wanted....for only....wait you'd better be sitting down.....yes, for only ONE DOLLAR! I know, you can stop crying now...I will add that the the soles are in superb shape, the leather inners are barely worn....aside from a few slight scuffs you can see around the toes...they might as well be brand new! So, with a savings of around $119.00, I can now go buy a cute summer preggo dress to wear with them! And who knows...maybe in a few years when I am in need of a new style, they'll get passed on to one of you lucky folks! P.S. Ignore the pasty white, scaley, legs attached!

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