Monday, July 24, 2006

Yoga and the ER

After 2 months or more of time away from my yoga class, tonight I returned...boy, what a change...or should I say, how has the boy changed me! I didn't do yoga when I was pregnant with Sam. It never felt right. This time I enjoyed it early on (before the nausea set in) and tonight it was amazing. I feel so centered and connected to my baby boy. Don't get me wrong, the poses were all a lot harder to do having to adjust for my growing belly. I still gained so much from the class and look forward to my next class next week. During Savasana (which was majorly adjusted with piles of wool blankets creating a sort of bed for me to lay against....wonderful) I reached down and put one hand on where the baby's heart might be, and my other hand on my heart. Immediately tears came to my eyes and I felt a strong connection. It was magical.

Yes, the ER. I have a feeling I will get to know the ER well over my years as a mother of two boys. On Thursday evening, as we were all relaxing and watching a movie, Sam decided to climb/jump from the coffee table to the futon sofa and fell (of course) and smashed his head and ear on the wooden arm. He didn't cry right away, but instead started shaking his head and breathing funny and I knew that something was wrong. It turns out he had split his ear at the top. It swelled and started to bleed immediately and we couldn't tell if he had split it through the cartilage or just through the flesh...thus the trip to the ER. It was horrible there, as Sam wouldn't hold still for the tech to clean it. He screamed and we had to pin him down. The tech wanted to wrap him in a sheet and hold his head down. I did not want that at all. So we took a break and a doctor came to put the steri strips on his ear. He had just ripped the flesh, fortunately, and did not need stitches. Anyway, 4 days later you can barely tell it was such a freak experience and it is practically healed! He talks more about the "owie" (blister) on his foot than the really big "owie" (I would think anyway) on his ear. Go figure.

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