Monday, August 21, 2006

When It Rains...It Pours!

I wasn't even looking for a job. According to "Dear Abby" I already have a handful of positions as an at-home mom that could receive an annual salary of over $100,000/year!! I am about to get a "promotion" of sorts, being 6 1/2 months additional, out-of-the-home, work wasn't a top priority for me.

Then I heard about this opportunity to help a pottery studio get up on it's feet out at the Tierra Learning Center, a retreat center celebrating cultural diversity. I spoke with their interim director and had meetings with the staff. It looked as though I might have a part-time job!

When I returned from my visits in Maine, I had emails and calls from friends involved with our Farmer's Market. The market manager had resigned and the position was open...many folks thought I would be great at the job. I initially thought, NO WAY!! But, as I read more of the job description, then shadowed the interim market manager, hadn't heard from Tierra in a number of weeks...I decided to apply. The board decides tonight and it looks as though I will have a part-time job beginning Saturday.

This afternoon I had a call from the director at Tierra. They are still interested in getting me involved with their pottery studio! When it rains, it pours! I had a brief discussion with them about my availability and it looks as though we'll work something out....very, very part-time...teaching a class here and there in the pottery studio!

I really wasn't looking for a job, but I found some very positive opportunities I can't decline.

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