Sunday, September 3, 2006

Non-Perks of the Job

Ok, so "non-perk" probably isn't even a word, but I needed something to describe the things that I do not like about this job. And they seem a lot like what a "non-perk" would be if it existed.

1. I am SO incredibly tired at the end of my work hours! My body basically shuts down and on the weekends my boys are anxious for me to return home and once I get there I need a cold shower, lots of water and a nap. It is 5 pm or later before I am ready to be social and the part-time hours aren't so part-time when you consider all of that.

2. Sam is really noticing my absence. He is either very clingy or testing old boundaries when he's around me OR he wants nothing to do with me. I know with time he'll adjust, but it is hard for me to not feel guilty about enjoying my time at the market, when I know that his world has been shaken.

So there are the two major "non-perks". I feel like they are pretty big ones, but I still really enjoy the job. With time, both will become less evident.

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