Thursday, November 30, 2006

It Has To Happen Now!

Well, it has to happen now! My last pregnant and waiting cohort has had her baby! Yes, Kristy went into labor yesterday (the day after her due date) at 5 am and birthed a beautiful, 8 lb. 8 oz. baby boy, David, at 1:30 pm...only 8 1/2 hours of labor. She labored at home up until the last 2 hours and finshed off on all fours at the hospital. A perfect first birth and hospital birth!! Congratulations Kristy and Jeremy!! I am so happy (and extremely jealous).

I visited with the midwife tonight and it was a good visit. We had a long talk about the birth and what to expect in the next couple of weeks should I go way past due. That part wasn't fun to talk about, but was necessary.

I am still 70-80% effaced, 3-4 cm dilated and she stripped my membranes in hopes of moving things along...we'll see. I have certainly lost my energy in last two days and feel like we're close, but talking about the "past due plans" made me a little nervous. If by next Friday I have not had the baby, I will have a non-stress test at the hospital. I don't want to do that. Matt and I decided we'd try the castor oil on Wednesday if nothing has happened by then. I sure hope things happen by then....they have to, right??

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