Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I got a phone call from a dear friend this morning wondering how I was doing. She said she'd checked my blog and saw nothing new and couldn't stop wondering about me. It was then I realized I would be feeling exactly the same way about any of my dear friends expecting a new baby any moment (and do feel about Kristy who is due today...I check her blog 2 times a day!). So I decided to give an update, though there isn't much to write.

I am still very pregnant and waiting. I had a second wind of energy yesterday and did a bunch of organizing, cleaning and general nesting type stuff. Sam was a big help and now I feel like I am looking for things to do during nap times...which isn't all bad! I completed Arlo's quilt this weekend and am making good headway on Matt's socks...but knitting doesn't always appeal to me. I even started making "waiting for baby" pot holders with left over quilt squares. The house looks great, very clean, organized...and I feel quite ready for this little guy.

I have been very "crampy" today and have been having some contractions, though nothing regular or even worth calling the midwives about. I tried checking myself yesterday as I don't see the midwives again until Thursday...but I couldn't really tell what was going on down there. It felt to me like I have dilated a bit more, but I can't be sure. It will be interesting to see what they say on Thursday...if I make it that long.

So there's the update. Lots of house projects, sewing, knitting and snow (we got 7" on Sunday). It is definitley winter here and so pretty!

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