Tuesday, January 16, 2007


After a particularly rough day all around (*see below*), Sam put himself to sleep after our usual bedtime routine! I was so happy and relieved as I took this as a sign that he has adjusted to being here and our new daily doings. I, for the first time in almost 3 weeks, was able to stay awake after he went to bed and had some time with Arlo in the ergo asleep, to myself!

Yesterday my mom had a strange, disoriented afternoon. She spoke about some weird things like wanting to eat a "circle of ribbons" for dinner and needing to wear a "circle of pants". She has started wanting to make lists of things, but can't write. I handed her some paper and a pen today and she returned it with scribbles, thinking it was a list of supplies. She tried to help me fold laundry yesterday and could not even fold a simple small towel. Her blood pressure was alarmingly low. These are telltale signs of her body shutting down.

My spirits are higher today after talking with a few friends in Washington last night and getting out with my uncle and the boys for over 3 hours today. The sun is already setting, but Arlo is napping and Sam is playing at a new friends house so some time to myself feels REALLY good.

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