Saturday, February 24, 2007

Meet Bugga

For the last few weeks Sam has been saying, "Where did ya go Bugga?" and I had no idea who or what "Bugga" was...until today when I met Bugga. I recently read that two-year olds often develop a very creative imagination and can have imaginary friends. Sam is extremely creative, always using his hands as toys, making each one a character; one fighting the other, racing the other, talking to the other. In his "hand play" I would often hear the word (name) "Bugga". This afternoon I asked Sam if "Bugga" was his friend and he answered, "yes". After a number of questions either from me or Matt we deduced the following about "Bugga":
  1. Bugga is a boy, dinosaur, bird, dog, or fish (whatever animal Sam is most fascinated with at that time).
  2. He eats bugs, which explains a story about eating bugs that Sam was telling me a few weeks ago.
  3. He is red.
  4. He has teeth.
  5. He flies.
  6. Bugga travels around with us in the car, into stores and restaurants.
  7. He sleeps outside at night.
  8. He only plays with Sam during the day.

I welcomed Bugga into our world and throughout the afternoon I would periodically ask Sam if Bugga was with us and, sure enough, he was most of the day, until the sun set and then Bugga was outside sleeping...according to Sam. The imaginary world of a child is incredible.

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