Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Arlo's Latest

Arlo will be 4 months old in 2 days! Of course the time had passed so quick and I look at him and can't believe he's so big, so strong, and so interactive. Here are a few of Arlo's latest...

  • He recently found his feet and plays with them quite frequently. It is really cute to watch. His brow furrows and he looks at them so intently, then gurgles and has a great time.
  • At night he has begun waking almost every 45-90 minutes to nurse. I think he is genuinely hungry, though he will sleep longer if I am snuggled in close to him. Go figure!
  • He has rolled from his stomach to back, but not yet from back to stomach. He will roll onto his side to reach for a toy or get a better view of Sam!
  • Sam is VERY interesting for Arlo to watch. He will sit and follow Sam around the room with his eyes. If Sam gets real close to Arlo, he'll smile and gurgle. It is very cute. Sam has also started soothing Arlo if he cries...without my prompt! It is really sweet to watch Sam be a big brother.
  • Arlo also enjoys watching the cats. He'll smile at them and watch them very closely.
  • Gurgling, cooing and laughing are almost always heard from his mouth. He is rarely quiet. Even his nursing is quite loud! Lots of "mmmm's" and wet slurps!
  • He is beg enough now for me to wear him on my back in the Ergo carrier. It is so comfortable for he and I. I usually wear him through 1-2 naps a day, as he'll sleep longer if I'm wearing him. I do get lots of house work done this way...even vacuuming!
  • Two little bumps are growing in his lower gums and I know any day we'll see a little tooth pop through! Sam was 3 months and 3 weeks old when his first tooth came. So I expect we'll see one soon. The drooling and fussiness seems to come and go. I am a little sad that his sweet gummy grin will be gone in no time!
  • Arlo is weighing about 16 lbs and wears 6-9 mos. size clothes. Many 9 mos. things are beginning to fit quite well.
  • He is a very mellow baby with a definite natural routine. I am quite in tune with his needs and it feels so great. I don't remember it happening with Sam this fast. I also find myself feeling much less worried about things....sleep, wearing him all the time, co-sleeping, etc.

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