Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Moving...this time for real!

Yes, Matt was offered the Assistant Professor of Organic Pest Management at Michigan State Univ. this afternoon! We are very excited. Here's the scoop...

He was offered the position officially, though there was not an official package offer yet. That will come later along with negotiations and a trip to Lansing to scope out our new town. The salary is nice, almost twice what he makes here! We'll likely move sometime in September, as Matt will likely start the job in October. This will give us plenty of time to prepare the house to sell and to move. There will be a stipend for moving so we're hoping to be able to hire movers this time! YEAH!!!

It is a bittersweet event for us. This is Matt's dream job, but we really love Wenatchee and the community we've created here. We'll be moving much closer to my family (about an 18 hour drive), but farther from Matt's folks. I am nervous and scared and sad and happy....a HUGE year for us.

I keep thinking about my mom and how she wanted us to get closer for so long and now we will be and she's gone. I know life takes it's twists and turns as it should, but I can't help thinking that.

Anyway, there will be many more posts to come about this big the mean time, we fly to California tomorrow to visit with Matt's folks and friends for 2 weeks... a much needed vacation!

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Tara said...

Oh wow, congratulations! I am happy you will be a little closer to us as well. Jane and I can totally see a little road trip to Michigan in our future... hooray!

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