Friday, July 27, 2007


Cyrus has been in our family for nearly six years now. We have all grown to love him very much. He is such a sweet companion for Sam and, after about 4 years, I am finally developing a real relationship with him as well.

Last Friday my Dad and I were walking to pick ditch berries with Arlo in the stroller and Cyrus on the leash. Two pit bull dogs ran under a chain-link fence that wasn't secured properly, and attacked Cyrus. They were an attack team, taking turns biting and circling. It was horrific. After nearly knocking our giant double jogger over from shear force of attack, my dad and I were able to kick and throw things at the dogs to scare them off some. Eventually the tenants of the house came out and secured the dogs and the owner arrived. He's accepted full responsibility and has offered to pay the bills. We'll see how that turns out. So far, no payment has been made.

Cyrus sustained 5 different bites, two in his hind region and three in his chest area. One of the bites (shown to the left) was deep enough that he needed a drain tube. He's on two medications and has been very depressed and anxious. I created a shady healing retreat for him in our back yard. I think it helped!

Today, a week later, he is beginning to show signs of his old spunky, Cyrus self.

We are traveling to the San Juan Islands in a week and plan to bring Cy along. I think he'll enjoy the sea air!

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Jessica said...

How scary! I would have been so afraid for all my babies! Fur baby included! I'm glad you are all recovering!
Jess W

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