Monday, July 16, 2007 far.

My Dad, Matt, Sam, Arlo and I have been so busy doing yard work and exploring we've hardly noticed an entire week fly by! Dad's been incredibly handy around the house helping out with a variety of projects from painting our metal railings a nice shiny black to helping me trim up my wild rose bush. We've managed to get some great exploring in between projects.
On Thursday Sherri took us driving and hiking in the hills above Wenatchee. We were able to see the cherry harvest at all stages including the immediate harvest with pickers camping in the woods. Very interesting.

We took Dad to Leavenworth for dinner one night and walked around the Bavarian village. It is quite hokey, but a must see when visiting the area. We had dinner and went for a walk on Blackbird Island. The weather in Leavenworth is much more moist and the woods look very different. Sam was scared of the woods and kept asking if dinosaurs lived there! It was pretty cute and imaginative of him. The woods did look prehistoric!

We've done a pretty good job of just hangin' out as well. This weekend we went to three BBQ's and managed to have nice slow mornings with breakfast on the deck or at least coffee on the deck. Dad has been enjoying the ease of our wireless network and the laptop...

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear Amanda, Your pics are just fabulous!! Glad you had such a wonderful time with your dad!! He seems like a very sweet man!!

It must be so fun to remonis(spell???) I love to read about what you are going thru! I dont love that you are going thru this, but you are such a dear friend and it is truly wonderful to read about your xpiriences in life!! You are strong like a willow tree. Standing strong in the wind. So beautiful and overflowing with gentle kindness. Much love to you! Hope all is well. Lets swim soon!! I m going to twisp to visit Becky tommorow afternoon and sleeping over. Wanna meet up Friday some time!! Peace Sarah!

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