Thursday, September 13, 2007

My 9 Month Old...

With all this moving jazz, I haven't posted about Arlo's 9 month well-baby visit...boy was it an eye-opener!

He now weighs 25 pounds! A whopping 5 pounds heavier than at his 6 month visit! He is 28" long and his head was 18+" around. He's a porker! We've always known that though....

He is now signing "all done", "more" and sometimes "milk". He'll wave "bye-bye" randomly and he says "mama" when crawling to me. Sometimes the "mama" is interspersed with cries or whines and doesn't sound as cute as it does sad!
He is cruising everywhere and trying to climb from a standing position! He can successfully climb up stairs and is beginning to figure out that going feet first off the couch or bed is best.

He plays so well with Sam and tonight they entertained each other for about 20 minutes while I finished cooking dinner. It was so nice.

Eight teeth strong and another making a push, though I can't tell which one it will be. He's been fussy the last few days and I am pretty sure it is due to the tooth.

He loves to swing and be helped to slide down the slide....he's just so cute!


Karen said...

Wow! He is so cute and such a ham...and definite "chunkage" as we say in my little family! It is so great that Arlo and Sam play so well together, what a great relationship they are bound to have for their lifetimes, what a blessing for each to have each other and for you and Matt to have them both...and about the signing, now Amira is doing some of the "all done" sign since being around Arlo!

Queen of Scatterville said...

OMg so cute.... you know W is only 10 pounds heavier then him! LOL I miss you so much wish I could go sit on a beach with you.

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