Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Perfect Saturday

:: Sam and Arlo participated in a pie eating contest at the grand opening of our new local city market.

:: We snuck Arlo into the contest because the age limit was 5 - 7 years and there weren't many kids participating. He thought it was great; had to kneel on a chair to reach the table; ate two bites and then said, "IIIII'm doooone! My face needs to be wiped!"

:: Sam made it through half of the chocolate cream pie and said, "My tummy hurts. I can't eat anymore." I was so proud of him. He stopped eating because he was "listening to his body"...a term we use a lot around here (associated with potty training).

:: Sam and Arlo went to see musical production at Lansing Comminity College with a dear friend, Molly and Megan. It is a swing music based performance done by a theater class that Molly took when she was in school.

:: We are alone with Otis for an evening. Weird.

:: With the boys gone, Otis took his first bath alone. This is a very big deal for a third baby. He was so excited about the space in the tub that he spent the first 10 minutes crawling and rolling around and from end to end, while giggling uncontrollably. It was the cutest thing I have seen since the pie eating contest.

:: At the end of the bath he was very curious about the drain stopper. Once all the bath water had drained; he kept pulling it out and trying to put it back in. It didn't take too many tries before he steadied his hand on his leg and slowly lowered the "post" end into the correct hole in the drain. I was incredibly impressed that he figured out how to do that on his own. The "problem" really required some steady hands and clever thinking! I have a genius child (ok, I'm a little biased).

:: I rocked Otis to sleep by the light of the evening. He made adorable little cooing sounds...probably some of his last. Everyday there are more signs of his growth. This is such a bittersweet age.

:: Our bees arrived and we are officially bee keepers! We have two hives; two colonies! I will have photos to share very soon...


luke and pamela said...

wish we could have stayed for the pie eating! it was great seeing you there.

jane said...

Sounds like a marvelous Saturday, I love reading about how your boys are growing!
big hug,

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