Sunday, August 7, 2005

The Bike Shop

The new Harry Potter book is driving me crazy! I am about half way through and all I can think about is sneaking away to read more. It is 5:30 am and I just woke to nurse Sam. After he returned to sleep I decided I'd get up and read! I am sacrificing precious sleep for this book! Can you imagine? (I know some of you can...Tara...) The night before last Sam woke up vomiting and continued to do so all night long. I slept with him in his room and what a night. I distinctly remember thinking, "This will not be the last time I am awake all night with a sick child." Yesterday morning he seemed to be feeling a bit better, no fever (non the night before either), but his appetite was definitely curbed...not like my son at all. We had a pretty mellow day, went to the Farmer's Market and stopped by a bike shop right next door. As we were wondering around checking out these cool new cambering vehicles called Trikkes ( ), I notice Sam sitting on the floor and he seemed distressed. I kept a close eye only to notice moments later a fine ooze of poop running out of his diaper legs (yes, that is plural, out BOTH legs) onto the bike shop floor! I was so embarrassed and sad for poor Sam! Matt and I quickly performed diaper cleanup on what had become the equivalent of a super fund sight! The store owner was, fortunately, a woman and mother and completely understood and dawning her traditional yellow rubber cleaning gloves and a bottle of Simple Green, she cleaned the floor for us. He continued to have these nasty poops all day and by the evening his appetite returned. He slept great last night. I can only imagine it was a small bug or he ate something that didn't agree with him. Poor guy! We are off to Seattle today to visit a friend from Manhattan, Ze. He is in town for a conference and we aren't sure when we will see him again, so we decided to make the drive over "the hill". I am looking forward to a day out of Wenatchee, even though I really like it here, a change of scenery is always nice. Well, back to Harry Potter...what a punchy little bugger he is this round...

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