Friday, August 26, 2005

Freak Out

We closed on our house last week and since then I have been so busy working in the house trying to get some of the rooms painted before we move in this weekend. I managed to strip the wallpaper, prime and paint the kitchen (in a "tuscan" style), and paint both upper level bedrooms! Now I just need to strip the wallpaper in the upper level bathroom. Matt and I pulled most of it down already so it won't be too hard. I learned a trick from a neighbor: use fabric softener to remove the paper! Just wipe it on with a dry rag and then peel the paper. You can use it to get the glue off the walls too. There is no bad smell (unless you dislike fabric softener smell) and no real harsh chemicals. I spent all yesterday morning painting, then painting through Sam's nap. Matt met us at the house at 5:00 pm and we went to dinner, returned to the house and he took Sam so I could paint. I was refreshed and ready to get the last bedroom done; I had the Indigo Girls blasting and I was going to enjoy my time alone. As I was about to finish painting the trim, the music suddenly stopped. I thought it was strange so I waited a moment thinking maybe the cd skipped. Nothing happened and I started to feel an eery vibe. I stood up and walked into the hallway leading to the dining room. To my left was the dining room with the cd player and to my right was the living room and front door. I turned to see the front door wide open! I freaked out sure there was someone in the house. My heart pounding I called out, "Is anyone there?" Of course, no one answered. What intruder would? I ran back into the bedroom, grabbed my cell phone and then darted out the front door onto the lawn. It was still light out and I called Matt. Shortly thereafter, Matt arrived with Sam and he, with big metal flashlight in hand, went into the house to rid the house of mean burglars for me! Of course, there was no one inside. I overreacted, but it was pretty scary for a few moments. Needless to say, I went back to painting and finished later that night. This morning I am so sore and I have a cold...ugh! I think Sam and I will be really mellow today, do some laundry and maybe pack a few boxes for our big move across town tomorrow. Oh, Sam's new word is "doovray". I have no idea what it means, but he says it all the time. He is now walking 100% of the time.

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