Friday, August 5, 2005

Summer Fire

I took Sam for a walk this morning around East Wenatchee. While the fire at Dirty Face Mountain is dying down; there is a new fire near Cashmere making our neighborhood very clouded. The air is thick with smoke and the smell instantly reminded me of living in Bozeman. Our view is not what is was yesterday. Sam feel asleep as we walked and he naps now giving me some time to reflect. My trip to the Cashmere pool yesterday with Monica and her kids was fabulous. Sam really enjoyed himslef, as did I. The pool is fantastic with a nice wading area for the little kiddos and deeper parts for adults and older kids. There are fountains and a "rain mushroom" to play under! Sam wanted to be with the big kids and kept trying to crawl into the deep end! Needless to say, I was a very busy mama making sure he didn't drown! I met some fabulous moms with similar parenting philosophies and I believe these will be the women I grow to love here. I had an amazing dream last night that Matt and I bought an orange VW Bug and a VW Truck with drop down gates. I was driving the bug all over Wenatchee with Jane inside teaching me how to keep the bug going! We were having a blast, laughing. Her curls were shining in the sun like they do in the waking world. I miss you girl! We found out this morning that our closing date on the house will be a bit earlier than expected! This wil give us time to paint and do some cleaning before we move in as we have already paid rent through the end of August. I am quite excited about the new house. It will be nice to be settled in although once we are there we will have a never ending list of things to do. I can't wait! My spirits have been higher the last two days and I think in part becasue I have had some time to myself with Matt back at work. He feels his purpose here as well, and not so in limbo as last week. Meeting some other mothers helped too.

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