Monday, October 24, 2005

As Sam grows I am continually amazed at what Sam can do and what he chooses to do. Some of which includes:
~Signing so many words that we can easily have a conversation and he can effectively communicate his needs and desires.
~Flushing the toilet 8 times in a 15 minute shower because he loves watching the water spin down the drain.
~Sticking his head in the toilet and singing so he can hear the difference in his voice.
~Giving closed mouth kisses (finally!).
~Sleeping all night, waking, nursing, playing and within an hour seem as tired as he does at the end of the day.
~Driving his little matchbox cars over everything in sight including, chairs, the dog, the toilet seat (do you see the recent obsession with the toilet?), himself and, of course, mom and dad, all while making a little "Brrrrmmmm" car sound.
~Running so fast he falls down laughing, then getting up and doing it all over again, and again and again.
~Loving his books and wanting to read them all the time with us or without us.
~Eating constantly! If he is awake he is eating.
~Climbing the numerous stairs all around and in and out of our home (and driving cars on them).
~Watching the movie Shrek everyday, if we let him.
~Singing in the bathtub and dancing to almost any song.
~Crying in sympathy when another kiddo cries.
~Squealing for joy when his daddy comes home from work.
~Thanks Tara, for this great idea!

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