Sunday, October 30, 2005

TV the Babysitter

Of late, our dear beloved and hated friend, TV, has been babysitting Sam. It seems that TV is better at it than me. TV can keep Sam occupied for an hour and a half (if I let TV stay that long) while I sometimes have trouble keeping Sam occupied and happy for 20 minutes! Sam loves TV. He goes crazy when he sees TV and I can't seem to tell TV to go to hell. What am I doing to my child? I choose the movies/programs that TV shows Sam (mostly SHREK and SKREK 2), but I still feel guilty. Then I rationalize TV by telling myself that TV was my best friend for 2-3 hours a day as a child and I turned out ok, right? Sam doesn't spend that much time with TV...I call my girlfriends (in other states even) and rationalize to them...still I feel guilty about allowing TV to spend so much time with Sam, yet the next day, there is TV calling to Sam (and to me!). HELP! Have I collapsed and given in to our cold and unfeeling society allowing objects and flickering lights and sounds to raise my child? Is Sam not using words because of TV (even though his sign language is amazing)? Am I a terrible mother for allowing TV, everybody's "kid next door", to come over and play?

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