Monday, May 7, 2007

Michigan: Day One

We arrived in Detroit late last night and after a horrible drive to E. Lansing due to a screaming baby, a husband that decided (while we were parked in a an empty lot so I could nurse the screaming baby) AP parenting was silly (when reminded of how sweet Sam is, he retracted his comment made in frustration), and getting lost a little...we arrived at our cute hotel (a Town Suites...or something of the like. We have a full kitchen, queen size bed and a pull-out bed for Sam...very nice) about 11 pm, ET. We were all wired, even the baby. We took baths, watched TV and ate snacks...our bodies still on Pacific Time! It was fun.

Today we slept in a bit and explored the towns. I really like this area. E. Lansing and Lansing, despite being the capital of Michigan, is actually a pretty mellow city. We even found dirt roads within city limits and some great large parks. It reminds me a lot of inland Maine and I love the green grasses and trees everywhere. I think I'll really like living here.

We met with a new family, Cassie, Rufus and 8 mos. old Ruby, at their home in Lansing. They will be going on sabbatical for 6 mos in the fall and spring and we may be house sitting for them! It is a very cute house in a very cute neighborhood. It will give us some time to figure out where we'd like to buy a house and get to know the area. It isn't set in stone yet, but it looks like a very good possibility. Yeah.

We then went to a BBQ at one of Matt's new co-worker's house. It was fun to talk with some professor's wives that have lived in the area for a while and get a different feel for E. Lansing. I was able to chat with one woman about her adjustment to moving to E. Lansing following her husband here. It was a really comforting talk. Very nice folks. I was also able to listen in on some of Matt's work talk and I realized how HUGE it is that he got this job! A real feather in his cap...I am so proud of him.

Tomorrow Matt will take Sam to the campus to explore and I will meet up with a few AP mamas at a cafe! I am so excited for that. More later...

Oh, Sam pooped on the potty today!

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