Monday, May 7, 2007

Michigan: Day Two

Oh, today was fantastic!!! I met with some AP mamas this morning and felt so at was great. We had coffee at a little cafe and then went to a park and chatted and the kids played. I had Arlo today with out Sam! Sam and Matt explored the campus, as Matt had a few informal meetings. I can't even begin to express how nice it was to meet these women and know that I will fit right in with the large group of AP mamas already established here.

In the afternoon Matt, and the boys and I explored the towns surrounding Lansing/E. Lansing and it is beautiful here! I have some great photos I will share when we return to WA. I definitely feel that we'll find our "dream" home and likely with a little land.

A nice dinner with co-workers and then a little more exploring in E. Lansing. To bed early tonight as I think we're all finally adjusting to the time zone. More mama meeting tomorrow!!

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