Sunday, November 19, 2006


Yesterday a group of women gathered at a local cafe to give me a baby shower. It was more traditional, in a sense, than the mother blessing I had last weekend...though it was still a wonderful afternoon. Each woman was asked to tell the story of how she met me and what about me spurred them to want to get to know me better. It was hard to listen to all these fantastic women tell me how fabulous I am!! The stories were all so varied yet, the reasons they wanted to become friends with me were all quite similar. Aside from having children in common, many of the women said that they love how open and accepting I am. I was so happy to hear that! They were also very thankful for the attachment parenting group I have established...they spoke of how important the group has become to all of them. Hearing that made me the most happy! I have wanted so much to create an AP group here that allows attachment parenting families to have the support and comradery that I found in my AP group in KS.

After receiving all the baby goodies yesterday I moved into major nesting mode today! All I have wanted to do is get diapers situated and clothes all washed and put away. We needed to figure out a new place to store diapers so there was enough dresser space for clothes and that was more complicated than it should have been! This is the first time I have felt the nesting urge and it feels good and I am now beginning to really realize how close this baby is to arriving.

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