Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sam's Day

Sam at 3 years old. Hard to believe, but he is definately growing up and acting and looking very much like a big boy. He'll tell you as much too.
His birthday weekend was magical and I know he feels this way because he still talks about it. Family, friends, good food, and being surrounded with love...the makings for a wonderful time, birthday or not.

The following pictures are just a handful from the weekend. You'll meet lots of Sam's friends and hopefully get a sense of what I think childhood should be...what we aim to give Sam and Arlo.

Amira has been one of Sam's best friends while in Wenatchee. She is a fabulously wild girl I used to describe as being made of rubber bands! She will wobble all over the place, tripping and
falling, but having a great time. She has so much love in her and I know it is because her mama and papa give her everything. She and Sam play so well together, though she sometimes smothers Sam with too much of her love!

Jaadyn and Holly are also a couple of Sam's best pals. He really enjoys both of thier comapny and seems to be especially interested in Holly when we see her. She is full of energy and spunk and can fill the room with such joy when she is happy.
Jaadyn and Sam have a long history here and have been playing together through so many developmental stages thier friendship has had to adjust. Lately Jaadyn is asserting himself much more and has no problem telling Sam what to do and how to do it. Sam is fine with following orders until he decides not to and then we have a blow-up, though they aren't common. Now both in preschool, we don't see much of Jaadyn.

River and Nakai are sisters of a dear friend of mine. They are also fabulously wild girls and I love it that Sam loves them. River is 5 years old and Nakai 3. They have a spicy sybling relationship and hardly sit still (thus the photos illustrate). Sam has a great time with them and has had his first dose of real "girl" with them...painted toe nails, pink dresses and dolls. He also has learned from the great joy in exploring the outdoors. We have had great walks with them on the canal and dancing...oh, the dancing is so special.

We had a big bowl of ballons sitting on the table for the kids to enjoy and boy, did they ever. We had the living room full of ballons of all sizes and colors and the kids danced and played with them for a long time. It was so wonderful to watch...childhood at its greatest. Each kid ran around in their own way exploring the music and the moment. Some kids simply sat and observed, others kept the energy vibrating. So much fun!

The evening grew cool and pushed us inside or into thick sweaters and as folks trickled home I walked around observing the remnants of a birthday celebration and kids enjoying a simple spring afternoon with their families. I felt so content and so settled in my being. Arlo loved wathing everyone as they moved around the space of our home and he was happy to be in the sling or in someone's arms until he could no longer keep his eyes open. It was a weekend I hope to remember so fondly forever.

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