Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jean Skirt

Matt and Sam left for California yesterday afternoon to attend Matt's mother's retirement bash on Sunday. I decided to stay here with very needy, teething little Arlo. Two, 14 hour drives iced with a weekend of familial tension, sprinkled on top of the teething baby sounded like a recipe for a large thanks.

I am going to miss the party and that makes me a little sad. I do want to wish Pat a fabulous retirement. It will just have to wait until August when we spend a week in the San Juan Islands with the entire Grieshop clan...a family reunion. I am looking forward to it. The Grieshop Family Reunions are quite fun.

My weekend sans son and husband began with a visit from a dear friend in our AP group here that moved to Seattle shortly after Arlo was born.

Then a night of summer drinks and great conversation with my other very dear friend, Sherri. We made beaded jewelry in her bead room and laughed with a neighbor of hers. It was fantastic. Arlo was happy in the sling or sitting on the floor next to me with a wooden spoon and a little tin cup. He napped and slept late into the evening. I returned home after midnight.

This morning I woke to see that it was 10:30 a.m.!! I haven't slept that late in soooo long. Arlo and I then proceeded to lay in bed together and giggle and gurgle and nurse. It was fantastic. He is so precious.

After a bagel and coffee and the NEWSPAPER (I never get to read the newspaper), I helped my neighbor move a tree out of her truck bed. Then came home to make a skirt out of a pair of old jeans. It was fun to sew again! I was so inspired by it's success that I turned around and made a simple drawstring bag for the odds and ends in my diaper bag. I will share photos when the boys return. Matt took the camera. I am so excited about the is very cute. I also love it when I can be thrifty. I am not very good at it, though I try very hard!

Tonight should be a fun evening with Sherri and her sister Janet. They just returned from a 2 week trip to Belize! The stories should be fantastic!

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Sherrita said...

Hello my dear friend...I'm blogging! Yippee. Found your blog and read about that fab party at sherri's on Saturday (oh, and Friday) and it sounded so much better the way you wrote it. Am eagerly waiting for the blog about "Beavers, Mexicans and Brown Briefcases."

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